rham-emmanuel-press-conferenceThis is just in! Chicago’s Mayor, Rham Emmanuel, just proclaimed the City of Chicago will indeed honor the Cubs parade on Friday. The parade will be held around noon on Friday in honor of the Cubs good winnings Wednesday night into Thursday. The Specifics are to be worked out “as we speak,” said Emmanuel. The Mayor didn’t reveal any specifics of the route or told reporters where it were to begin other than, “just stand in the middle of the street somewhere and you’ll see it.”

“I just talked to Tom Ricketts. I talked to him yesterday a couple times, I talked to him this morning again,” Emmanuel replied as he was asked about the Parade for the Cubs. “I think all of us would just want 20 minutes of consistent sleep then we’re gonna – Here’s the thing: we’re going to have a Parade in Chicago that will stand for the test of time. It will be a parade that 108 years have waited for. It will be a parade and celebration that all of Chicago for 108 years in their mind’s eye, have been envisioning. We’re going to make it a reality in the City of Chicago.” rahm-emmanuel-cubs

This is what Rham said whilst at the press conference. This was just said a tad before noon on Thursday, November 3rd, 2016.

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