This is just in coming from the FBI confirming she (Secretary Clinton) forwarded classified data to her private emails. Some documents were made public from the FBI investigation of Hillary’s private server. Clues were found by FBI officials of more than half-a-million emails linked to Clinton presidential campaign vice chair, Huma Abedin. Abedin was then questioned by officials and Justice Department, including those involved with the counterintelligence matters, on April 5th. The emails included her official State Department account,, and her private email, Abedin’s fourth email account was associated with campaign activities of her estranged husband, Anthony Weiner.

Now my question to Mrs. Clinton, ‘why in the world would you get involved with this scandal?’ Why go out of your way to leak classified data pertaining to the government knowing it’ll come back to haunt you in due time. On top of all of this, why associate your name with some sick perverted guy like, Anthony Weiner who prey’s on young girls, who aren’t of age to consent to any sexual activities/conduct of any type. It would have been nice to have her as a female president but honestly, I say, Mrs. Clinton, your time is due. You’ve been in the Government for a long time and it’s just time to let go.

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