cubs-world-seriesAlright! The wait is over after 108 years of a bad, bad, bad curse. The Cubs win the World series of 2016! Seems like Doc and Marty were off by a year. The Cubs beat Cleveland  8-7  as taking the game into a 10-inning after Cleveland Ties the game at the bottom of the 8th into the 9th inning. Even after the Cubs and Indians had a 17 minute Rain Delay, the cubs stood true and prayed for a good win. The Fans of Chicago and other supporters take to the streets at Wrigley Field in celebration of the Cubs winning. Fans are excited, they are feeling all the emotions as the stakes rose when the game tied 6-6. The game was tight and Drama-filled to the brim of the stadium, along with both teams not having a win in a significant amount of time as well.

The Cubs are now the World Series Champs! Congratulations, Chicago Cubs! Enjoy the good winnings and all the best!
Take Care and goodnight!

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