chicago-parade-1Friday, Nov. 4th, was the biggest event in history. Chicago saw upwards of 5 million people pack the streets downtown, from Wrigley Field down to Grant Park. As I was able to get an interview from Milan Rogers, as he was down there with his mother and sister, he said, “We had a Great time! It was really packed and hard to get through, but Chicago really needed this win after a century and 8 years. I’m glad to see the Cubbies win, I know my mom and sister are really pleased to see them win, as well. And it was an overall great time to be in Chicago as history was made.” chicago-parade-2

Fans of Chicago and those from Northern Chicago and Northern, Illinois, jam-packed the streets and roads were closed all day due to the massive event. Businesses say this was the best day for revenue and they were having a rough time keeping up with orders of the massive crowds entering their store. Chicago had a very big historic event has Cub fans came to celebrate the win of the Cubs Wednesday evening. Chicago Cubs (Anthony Rizzo, Dexter Fowler, and David Ross) and Bill Murray sang ‘Chicago Cubs’ song on SNL (Saturday Night Live) last night before the show ended at midnight, central time. chicago-cubs-and-bill-murray

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Parade Pictured Credited To: Milan Rogers
Cubs and Bill Murray Pictured Credited To: SNL