american-flagAlright! As this election sweeps the nation and Republicans and Democrats vote for the next Commander and Chief. We all get to sit back and think, “What will America be like with either nominee? Will Hillary corrupt this nation with her scandals and lies? Or will Trump have the country nuked with his vulgar language and no filter for anyone in which he conducts “business” with.
Let’s take a look at Hillary. Just recently the FBI released that the emails that were found hillaryon Wiener’s computer had no relation with her but, the issue still lies with, ” Why was Clinton even in relation with Abedin and Wiener?” So Clinton’s front face isn’t looking too good. It’s screaming lies, corruption, and hate. I’m not sure we can deal with another Clinton in office after the first in the 90’s.

donald-trumpNow let’s take a look at Mr. Trump. His vulgar language is beyond belief. Now people say, “Well it shouldn’t matter what the person says in locker-room talk. It matters whether they can perform the essential duties of Presidency.” I’m not sure if I want a guy that’ll talk about women like that, a guy that speaks terrible about women; not beginning with Rosie O’Donnell. Also, for those who say that, can we please count up the bankruptcies Trump filed? 4 Was it? Or the 20 years of taxes Trump hadn’t payed? Now, tell me, a guy that doesn’t follow our rules as a nation, should lead our nation? Excuse me, but I can’t see how that makes sense.

So, be careful who you vote for. May God be with America– the world through this transition of the “throne”. I feel like this is going to be a terrible disaster as this, the country, divides among itself because of 2, rather powerful people get elected into office, though I’d rather it be a third parts as there hasn’t been a Third party president.

Clinton, Trump pick up big winsWell, guys, if you want to follow both of these stories, click here or here.