161103123037-02-cnn-mosul-content-exlarge-169Nearly 300 people were kidnapped from Tal Afar, a city west of Mosul, as Iraq forces try to eliminate the group from their land. Spokeswoman for the UN Refugee agency, Ravina Shamdasani, says 295 people were kidnapped from Tal Afar– roughly 47 miles from Mosul. Shamdasani said the citizens had been targeted because they were former Iraqi security forces personnel, now living under ISIS as non-combatant. 18 of the town’s 30 sheiks have been killed according to the reports made by the United Nations. ISIS also made a mass grave of killing 100 of the 295 people the kidnapped from Tal Afar and left them in a mass grave for all to see the horror done by them. All 100 of those civilians were beheaded and thrown into the grave. Shia militia have been advancing on Tal Afar, a largely Syria for ISIS to operate and conduct their heinous killings. Also, civilians who live in or near this organization are trying to flee to Mosul. The beheading and mass graves have become the a hallmark of the Sunni group.

She says, “The fate of 295 civilians is unknown.” 161103133906-07-cnn-mosul-content-exlarge-169download

Tens of thousands of people, children, mothers, and fathers are displaced. Since October 17th of this year an Iraqi-led coalition has been waging an offensive retake of Mosul, with it being ISIS’ last stronghold on and against Iraq. Mosul, residing 1.2 million people, Iraq’s second largest city, has been under terror stronghold for over 2 years and running. The estimated 3,000 to 5,000 fighters for ISIS hold that city under their fists. The city’s terror will continue to reign and wreak havoc until the Iraqi government and it’s allies and formulate a plan to eliminated the terrorist group. 161103123054-04-cnn-mosul-content-exlarge-169

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