Donald Trump’s son-in-law and close adviser, Jared Kusher is at the center of the “infighting” inside the president-elect Donald Trump’s transition team. But a high-ranking Trump insider dismisses reports of “infighting”saying the team is working collaboratively and efficiently. Rogers was told on Monday on the phone that he was out, according to a source familiar with the transition. Kushner’s has been rubbing allies the wrong way in his recent efforts to purge the transition team of Christie associates, sources say. The Christie Associate said it makes sense that Pence would want some of his own people involved now that he is running the effort.

I know know that I’m not for either party, Trump nor Clinton. But look at the trumped up trouble that has been caused without Trump nor Pence even in office just yet. They both are setting goals to over turn Obama’s former policies and to turn America into something they believe they believe it should be/run/operate.

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