In Donald Trump’s race to the White House, he promised tax cuts. Lots of ’em. For everyone. Given that the Republicans will control both the House and Senate during at least the first 2 years of Trump’s Administration, the prospects for tax reform have never been better. But the tax cuts may not be as large as trump would’ve liked them to be.

The reason being: His tax plan was reviewed and deficit calls as just too expensive. Potentially costing between $6 trillion and $7 trillion on the high-end. It’s much to early to say how exactly Trumps decides to carry out this plan but the conservative deficit hardens in Congress as it reacts to Trump’d pricey policy. But as a Republican leaders in the House already have put forth their own tax reform blueprint, estimated cost of about half of Trump’s policy.

Now, this just goes to show, the president doesn’t control much of anything, and sure, I would’ve loved those tax deductions that he promised, but as Congress said, along with the House and Senate, it’s just NOT plausible. Now, my question is, since Trump is a business man, did he even know how much the tax reform would cost? Did he have an idea that it would cost the country upwards of $6 Trillion and $7 trillion?

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