President-elect, Donald Trump, will be reshaping America’s Trade policy in Day 1 of his administration, according to a Memo drafted by his team. The document entails the skeleton of Trump’s trade policy for the first 200 days of his presidency, focusing on a set of principals including renegotiation or withdrawing of the North American Free Trade Agreement — a frequent promise Trump has declared in the campaign trail. The Memo notes that an assortment of things could change before Trump is due to for his presidency on January 20,  2017. The draft memo reveals what the Trump transition team has developed as a blueprint for Trump’s administration based on its pre-election work and Trumps own campaign promises.

The 200-day plan is built around five main principles, plus an extra plank on manufacturing jobs. First renegotiating or withdrawing from NAFTA, second is stopping the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, third is stopping “unfair imports,” fourth would be ending the “unfair trade policies” and fifth is pursuing bilateral trade deals. The Final focus is ” retain return manufacturing jobs, ” focusing on lowering the business tax rate and eliminating regulations on business and restrictions on domestic energy.

I thought this was a free country where the citizens of this country who own businesses can do which ever they’d like to do with said business. Well, if that’s true, why are we forcing those businesses and people to bring their businesses back here rather than letting them alone and demolishing the deficit and allowing small “mom and pop” shops to open with out all the hassle of being a business owner. It’s not really a free country if our government is making us doing things beginning with taxes. The Netherlands, another free country, they don’t have “taxes” or anything of that nature the only rules they have are with the rules of the road and also laws to abide to have a civilized union.

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