Allow me to educate you!!
Now, I understand your life.
Really, I do!
I don’t get offended my your remarks.
I know that’s mind blowing for you. Truly.
This has sparks!
Sparks to a new beginning!
It doesn’t make sense to live in the past.
I’m winning!
I have friends of every generation,
Race, culture, life style, and
All under 1 nation!
Now, how hard is it to see past the ignorance
That fills your mind,
The ignorance pumped into your brain!
Not all BLACK People are as they portray us.
Thus you can’t affirm,
When are you going to turn??
You get idiots in every race!
No matter the time, second,
or the place!
Don’t look to me and call me a ‘Nigger’
‘Cause it’s you that deserves that word,
It actually means ignorance!
Now, who’s bigger?!
C’mon look me in the eye
Say it once more again!
Tell me I should die!
Go on!
You can’t because
Now you’re wallowing in you’re own ignorance!
I’m almost done!
I’m giving you 1 last chance!
I’d love to hear you say it,
That just tells me you can’t be more ignorant than the last fools
back in the day.
Why don’t you pay my Chit?
I’m sorry! You won’t!
You want it your way.
That’s fine, let me pay!