Every darkening minute to every bright hour, I’m just so happy to be around you. I enjoy the little things, like he talks we have when we’re in class. Gah! You’re so different but yet the same. I’m not sure how I acquired what I’m feeling at this moment. I mean, it’s just so weird. I’m gay, you’re straight. Why is it I always fall for the nice guy; then they’re straight. Here, in Chicago, the guy just want sex. But you make me feel like I’m a person other than an object. I mean, I do the smallest things just to get you to sit next to me, or for you to notice me. When I see you in class, it’s the highlight of my day. 

Sometimes I wish I were your “type” or you were gay, or at least bisexual. But we all can’t have what we want. So, friendship matters more to me than anything else. It’s a crush. I guarantee I’ll get over it. But you know you wish there was someone you could talk to about this? Well, yeah, I don’t really have that friend to do that with. I want to tell the person I’m talking about in this post, but how? And why would I ruin a friendship with some bullshit that every straight-guy doesn’t want to hear. I guess I’m left to my own devices. Hopefully, this will pass. Because this is by far the worst feeling ever. Sure, the crush is nice, but being unable to tell the person because of repercussions. 

M. Sterling Cruze