So daily travel on public transportation to and from work every day is risky, right? Yes. Now, you know how when you wake up and think, “T’day’s gonna be a great day,” but then something happens to mess that up? Well, that was my day today. I woke up at 7:32 am! Why? I didn’t have to be at work until 11! So, I watched a little netflix, the Emporer’s Groove, to be exact. And I look down and notice it’s 9:20am. So, I take a shower, get dressed, do my hair, then walk out the door to catch the bus. Now, now hung from he ordinary happened on th bus other than EVERYONE ON THE BUS WAS STARIN AT ME! I’m looking at myself like, “Is there something on me? Is my hair messed up? Are my clothes out of order? What is it?” I then realized, people don’t really see a well-dressed African-American in Chicago often. So, the bus pulls up to the red-line train station. And I get on the train and nothing from the ordinary really happens. I meanC you have the guy that comes through car to car selling cigarettes, terrible cologne and perfume, and “LOUD” (weed). So, after you get past that, usually at 47th the get off, then these really GHETTO people get on talking extremely loud, yelling, doing everything to annoy the hell out of you. But! I have my trusty headphones and phone to drown them out with music. THANK GOD FOR MUSIC! At this point I still haven’t made it to my stop, I’m just pulling up to Jackson. Through the breaks when the music changes to a new song, I hear these girls babbling about what man owes them what, and their “baby-daddy”. Whew! Now, finally get to my stop, I get off the train and there’s this homeless guy just screaming– Pure bloody murder! I’m not even sure what to think at this point other than, “geez man, cool it bro!” I finally see the great doors to my job, and I walk in. Finally, peace and serenity! I’ve never been so happy to be at work. Now when someone asks me, “So how’s you day be so far?” I’m just going to tell them, “you don’t even wanna know!”