Some say, “I found Love At First Sight.” Now, how can you love at first sight? Wouldn’t that mean you fell in love with the attraction of the person rather than the personality of the person? The person could be a 10 on the scale of beauty but a 1 on a scale of personality. They can be a total ass-hat (excuse my French). So, ‘Love at first sight’ became a thing of attraction to the outside of the person, “the most beautiful person you’ve ever seen”. Yeah, I’ll believe that when it’s actually happened. See, I’m attracted to many different people, do I love them? No, they’re in no relation to me, other than a crush of someone whom I’m not going to mention at the moment, but, that doesn’t fall under first sight. We’re talking about a person who sees a very attractive person who they want to be with. Did you know attraction is your subconscious thinking how your children will turn out, as far as looks, knowledge, and etc. So the whole time, your frontal lobe of your brain is releasing dopamine (a type of drug your brain releases when something is pleasurable) your subconscious is thinking about sex. Now we’re back to ‘Love’. How can you say you love someone at first sight when your body’s doing this? I’m genuinely curious. Please respond! I’ll love to hear the input.