Once upon a time, there was a person, 

A person that was everything I was looking for

They had the laid-backness, cool, 

Chill, and easy-to-get-along. 

I began to fall; easy. 

So easy, I began having dreams. 

Dreams that would be like a romantic movie

Where the person just rushes in for he kiss, 

Of the type where the person told their crush 

They like them and they explain themselves 

As their crush kisses them to shit them up. 
Yeah, those were my dreams.. 

I’m too scared and afraid to say or do anything about it; 

As it might infringe our friendship. 

That means more to me than anything. 

So, why you? 

Why did I fall for you?

Your big brown eyes?

Your smile? 

How you talk? 

The way you look at me? 

Why? Why you? 
Just another life in a romantic movie…