Chicago. The city that takes a nap before pumping another day away. The city of culture, diversity, and wisdom. The city’s sights, and pleasurable places to dine are indeed a must. Chicago’s finest pizza’s and Italian Ristorante are tasteful to the soul indeed. The diversity is a wide stretch from Greek, Japanese, Spanish, to Canadian, Mexican, and American. Meeting people from all over the world is definitely crossed off my bucket list. My profound love for Chicago is just that, profound. 

Though at times the city can be depressing as homeless need money, no one stops to help. If they do stop, 23 cents is what they give. Sure, you can say you “have to the needy” but what did you really give? Did you give them a meal? Did you give them a hot coffee? No. Nothing was really “given” because nothing in Chicago is worth 23 cents anymore; if it ever was. 

Yesterday, I bought a 12 pack of doughnuts from Dunkin’ Donuts. I gave 2 to a couple homeless people I passed by on the street. Because I had that to spare. I wasn’t going eat it all, nor was my co worker. 

Chicago, listen to me carefully; you’re a beautiful city with a cruel heart. The people whom reside within Chicago don’t like talking, everyone looks mad on public transit, and WHEN you do speak to them and ask them about their day, they look at you as if you’re crazy. Why are we tailored to think that? Why are you quit to not speak to someone who just wants to have a conversation? 

That there, is the Chicagoan Life.