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Who is Sterling Cruze?

I bet you’re asking, “Who is Sterling Cruze?” “What is he made of?” “Where did he come from?” Well, this is who he is. Sterling Cruze is an aspiring young man, who is finding his way to fame, he’s working his way to acting, and finding the connections along with keeping his ambitious ways. Sterling Cruze is the eldest of 4 in his family. He has 3 sisters at home all of which he has a great relationship with. He [Sterling] is 20, his sister is 12, and the img_20160901_161737other two, the twins, are 2. Sterling tries to spend as much time with them as he can with working and going to auditions in Chicago. Sterling lives in a humble home with his Grandmother, Mother, Sisters, and Uncles. Between those in the house, they all support him with all their might.

Now Sterling’s past is one that was rough for a person growing up in with his background. Sterling was born in Panorama City, CA. His birth name is, Milan Cruz Rogers. Sterling Cruze is his stage name or pseudonym. His parents split when he was two then later divorced. Sterling and his mother went to Chicago, where Sterling lived until he was eight-years-old, leaving his father in California. When Sterling went and visited his father one time in 2005, Sterling’s father decided to open a court case and gained soul custody of Sterling by the time he turned 10. Sterling lived with his father since then in California until he turned 13 then moved to Tennessee. In Tennessee, Sterling adapted and he became a home-raised country boy. He fell in love with the backwoods, the laid back-ness, and even picked up an accent that never left. Sterling and his father then moved to Arizona where Sterling finished up his high school career at Mohave High School. Sterling was very involved in the Fine Arts program from Choir, Drama, Band and Speech and Debate. Sterling had always loved music by singing, writing, and composing music, but he fell deep in love with the Art of Acting. Sterling acted like no other and played lead roles in Rebel Without A Cause and supporting Roles in Les Miserable and Phantom of the Opera.

Sterling now wants to see his career grow as he sees himself grown as an actor, vocalist, musician, friend, and brother. Sterling is powering through life getting auditions done, he is networking meeting all the right people, and being places when he’s needed. Sterling’s future does look bright, and it’s filled with aspirations which will soon be possessions. Sterling Cruze is an Actor, he is a vocalist, that musician, the brother, the friend you can count on, the person who knows his limits. His biggest dream is to be on ‘Saturday Night Live’ as a comedic actor.